Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

August 19th, 2013

Welcome to Biology.

      The starting of a brand new school year has come upon us and we are now in our first full week of school. The 8 day weather forecast for this week has no rain and temperatures in the 90's. We are going to be inside today taking care of using the ipad and electronic documents. I will provide a list of things we will be doing in class today below.

     Tomorrow we will be going outside to the garden and planting areas around the school. We have some weed issues to take care of as well as some planting and harvesting of garden products. We will also probably be going outside on Thursday of this week as well. We will be starting our landscaping of the Seth Hays House and addressing other outdoor activities.

The picture above is where we started with our garden spot. This is a group of last years biology students standing on the outline of the garden to represent where we were going to begin. 

Today we are going to be working with google documents and the blog spot in order to establish communication between you and I. I will also be sending a message home with you later in the week that will communicate what we are discussing during classes. This will be one of my few communications home with parents, so you will be responsible for doing this in the future and your parents will need to communicate with me via emails and the blog spot. 

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