Rabu, 21 Agustus 2013

August 21, 2013

     Today we will be in the classroom and working on completion of our paragraphs over "My Thoughts". We will then share them with the instructor and see how this process works. During the second portion of the hour, we will be working with identification of our plant species that we brought to school. This will be an activity that is used to work on two things; 1) the process of identification of our plant species, 2) the practice of sharing a document with our teammates to allow us to work on this material from any location.

For plant identification, you should use the following link. This link will allow you to search your flower by color, time of flowering or various other criteria.


Here are some pictures and captions from yesterdays work in the garden.

First hour students working at weeding the beans and peppers. 

Holden picking a container of tomatoes to be used in our cafeteria. This container is about 30 pounds of tomatoes and we are picking this much every two days.

4th Hour biology students began harvesting the seeds from the lettuce that has bolted. We will work on processing the seed in class and using it for spring planting instead of purchasing seed. 

Delivering the tomatoes to the kitchen with Pam Ackley USD 417 Food Service.

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