Jumat, 23 Agustus 2013

August 23, 2013

      "iPad Exploration", is the activity we will be doing in class today. During the class period, students are to use the iPad they were assigned and begin looking at the apps that are located on it. Game Apps are not something that I want you to explore. There are many human body apps and science apps that are on these machines.
     For those of you who can, you should create a new google document in Drive that will allow you to record some of your thoughts about the apps on the machines. Title the document "iPad Exploration-your name". If I were to do it this is what the title would look like "iPad Exploration-dfinch". Then as you explore various apps on the machines take note of what you like or what you found interesting and be able to explain how the app worked or what kind of information you could get from it. You must make note of at least 3 different apps on the iPad and remember, I do not want you on Facebook or Facetime, or other social applications. You are here to explore the educational value of the iPad.
     For those of you who cannot remember how to create a document. You will need to use a piece of paper and pencil to create your document.

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