Minggu, 01 September 2013


Manyun : The Art Of Doing Nothing
Mlipir : Walk slowly on the edge (side) of the road
Nggeblak : Fall backward and then hit own head
Mblonyo : Smearing one's body with hot ointment or liquid and then massaging it
Ngalang : Taking the longer way to get to the destination
Ngontel : Riding an old bicycle
Kejlungup : Falling/ tripping forward (and may hit own face)
Wedhus gembel : Hot pyroclastic cloud rolling down a volcano
Tlusupen : A small, sharp thing embedded inside one's skin
Ngono yo ngono ning ojo ngono : Like that yes like that but don't be like that
Kambonan : Feeling uncomfortable because there is something that smells bad
Mbrojol : Things getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity
Kembrukan : Get hit by thing collapsing on top of one's head/body
Kunduran : Got hit by a truck that is moving backward
Ngokop : Drinking straight from the bottle without using glass, where whole bottle tip gets into the mouth
Blereng : Cannot open eyes because something is shining very bright
Gejeglong : Falling/ tripping accidentally because of a hole
Pecicilan : Being overly active carelessly
Katisen : Feeling unwell because of cold temperature
Mbribeni : Making too much noise, disturbing other people
Cenanangan : Doing something without thinking about the consequences
Kesrimpet : Tripping over accidentally caused by wires, cloths, gowns etc.
Ngebrok : Cannot hold bowel movement
Pecirit : Something coming out from one's rear end little by little
Gondelan : Hanging on tightly to something in order to be inert


This bengi near subuh, the mendung is gumandul on the sky.
The gluduks sound jlegar jleger like mercon.
The lightning mak klelap many times.

My memean is miber up to my window because kesebul the wind.
The trees geal-geol also almost fall.
The rain sound kemrocok nang nduwure roof.
It is very danger...

Now i'm afraid celingukan alone while crying-crying in my room...

I miss you so much my junjungan heart.. Instead of lholhak-lholhok alone, I heard sound of klenengan... I'm getting curigo... I'm checked it out... Damn, it was hot wedang jahe... I'm running jumpalitan through wedang jahe seller, then I call him sak mug beg... then I sruput it until entek... now I'm heavily mbleneg..

Nek iki Dagelan ...
Yes mother dont do that: Yo mbok ojo ngono..
Your head = enDas mu..
Your eyes ripped = Matamu suwek
Your bald head = GUNDUL MU !!
Your knees falling down = Dengkulmu anjlog !!
Your bellybutton on fire = Udhelmu kobong !!
Your auntie's money = duwite mbokdemu tah ?
Your grandfather money = Duwite mBahmu !!
Your auntie teach you about that? = mbokdemu sing ngajari yoo??
Your mother goalkeeper = makmu kiper ...
My body is not delicious today = awakku lagi gak enak.
Your face far away = raimu adoh
Your lips = lambemu..
Your bellybutton turn up = udelmu bodong
Your head smell gum benzoin = nDhasmu mambu menyan
Cricket !!! = jiangkrik
Your head was blown = ndasmu njeblug
Your eyes blind = matamu picek
Wanna eat your head = Tak kletak ndasmu ! 

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