Senin, 16 September 2013

Sept. 16th, 2013

It will be some kind of hectic schedule this week. We will be using different classes going out at different times to get activities accomplished this week. I am putting a schedule for the week up and I am hoping we can keep to it, but it may change as the weather changes. The tentative schedule for the week is listed below, but as plans change a new post will be addressed here on the blog site.


1st and 4th Hour will be inside today working on the projects we started last week as well as viewing the information that I have put on the blog for today. 5th Hour today will be going out to harvest the garden crops for the Farmers Market. We will also be working on the information below which has to do with the Seth Hays House, prairie restoration.

Restoration Process- The note within this link was actually created for Brad Guhr who is the Administrator of the Dyke Arboretum in Heston Kansas. I attended a week long conference at the Arboretum called EPS or Earth Partnership for Schools. It was designed to assist schools in the involvement of prairie grass restoration projects to be completed on school campuses with students, teachers and community members being involved. The work we have been doing on campus with the planting beds and our future work with the Hays House restoration will be part of this type of program. The diagram below is a sketch of the Hays House and the plants to be planted around it.


Today 4th Hour will be going outside and working at planting the area across from the District Office. We will be only planting  a few small plants in this area but will add more when the order arrives from the Dyke Arboretum. 1st and 5th Hour will be inside working on their projects.


1st Hour will be going outside to gather tomatoes and peppers from the garden. We will be using this produce to provide the FACS program with the materials to make salsa for lunch on Friday. We will also work on covering some of the parking islands in the parking lot.
4th Hour will be working with the FACS classes in learning from FACS students in how to make jalapeno jelly as we are partnering with them in the production of the jelly. We will be sharing profits with the items in that the FACS classrooms will get 2/3 and we will get 1/3 of the profits after all expenses have been paid.
5th Hour will be working on projects.


Classroom work. We will be working on several classroom activities and may work for a short time outside but probably no more than half of the class period.

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