Rabu, 18 September 2013

Sept. 18th, 2013

Here are some pictures of the planting of the District Office planting bed. Fourth hour students finished this practice planting during the hour. We produced 6 different planting areas within the bed of Autumn Joy or also called Stonecrop which has a scientific name of Hylotelephium herbstfreude.

Autumn Joy

Mrs. Dix, a para at CGHS brought in this native forb to be used in some of the plantings on campus if we wanted them. She collected them from here garden at home and brought them to school We decided to plant them in the District Office planting bed to begin that restoration. The 4th hour students did a great job as we began the hour with dirt and ended with a mulched area with Autumn Joy scattered out in the bed. Pictures below show the process of getting this done.

 Putting down the barrier to finish mulching the area.

 Miranda Grover, left is cutting the barrier to allow us to dig the holes to put the plants in
Using a bulb planting cutter, we were able to cut the holes easily and make plenty of room for the new roots to be developed.
Application of the barrier and then a layer of mulch should reduce the weeding that will have to be done later. As we plant in the future, we will only have to remove the mulch in the area, cut the barrier, dig the hole and then plant the plants. This should also help with retention of water as well.
 Bring on the water. Faith and Brooke, are waiting on Blake and James to get the hose hooked up to put water on the newly planted Autumn Joy.
Planting bed with new Autumn Joy plants and mulch over the top. Looking forward for our next plant. 

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