Kamis, 19 September 2013

Sept. 19th, 2013

Today 1st Hour went out and picked the garden for tomatoes and peppers. 4th Hour will be involved with the FACS classes making salsa in preparation for tomorrows lunch. We split the 4th hour class and the other half will work on the salsa or jelly tomorrow. Pictures below show the work involved today.

 Peppers and Tomatoes are needed for the salsa and freshly picked by 1st hour this morning.
 Blake B., not really sure what to do in this environment. "But wait a minute, there's no basketball involved here."
Found a job for Blake, washing jars prior to loading them with salsa.
 Faith B. beginning to help skin the tomatoes prior to cutting them for the salsa
 Upperclassman keeping an eye on Kaitlyn, or maybe just making her do the grunt work of washing jars or peeling tomatoes.
 Cooking the mixture down ready to load it into the sterile jars.
Jars loaded and ready for the processing time. During lunch's tomorrow, we will see how these chef's did in making the salsa as we will be sampling their work with a case of chips.

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