Selasa, 03 September 2013

Sept. 3rd, 2013

          Biology classes today were involved in taking the green beans from the garden and separating them into usable beans for our lunch program tomorrow or seed collection. We harvested about 11 pounds of green beans to donate to the cafeteria food program and collected and separated over 28 packets of 30 bean seeds in each pack for use in planting our garden this spring. There are some pictures below of students snapping the beans for consumption and separation of viable seeds.
      During the second portion of class, we discussed our plans of going outside tomorrow and half the day on Thursday to finish garden task and our primary focus of getting the trees watered around campus.
     In the final portion of the hour, we took a quiz over the chemical equation of photosynthesis and the story that goes along with it. We had discussed it last week in class and students were told that they need to be prepared for a quiz over this material but the 3 day weekend must have made them forget their responsibility as most quizzes were poorly done. The notes below titled Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration have all the information we discussed last week. We will be quizzing again on Thursday. If they are not significantly better, we will enter both scores in the grade book. As long as most scores are better, I will only enter the score from Thursday.

Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

Photos from Today

 Separating seed beans from the ones we will use in the cafeteria was the beginning of the day.

The bean counters above were taking beans harvested two weeks ago and separating the good from bad seeds was part of their job as well as packaging 30 seeds to a package. 

What a mess we have made. Some have never done this gardening task, while others have been with parents and grandparents snapping beans and preparing them for processing. 

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