Jumat, 06 September 2013

Sept. 6th, 2013

     Today we will be working on completing our work with the Tree Parts questions and for those who have finished, we will begin another document. The questions for the second document are listed below. You can find the reading material for the Tree Growth questions on the Forestry Unit material under Key Point 1 " How does a Tree Grow".
     We also handed back the quizzes over photosynthesis today. Students who did poorly, can use a study technique to gain back some of their lost points. Students may copy the photosynthesis chemical equation and the paragraph explanation 5 times, (4 will not work), and hand it in by next Wed. the 11th. You will not be able to make up these points later than Wed.
     The Parts of a Tree questions are due Next Tue. the 10th. If you get them done earlier than that, you may share them with me but they need to be handed in no later than Tuesday. How a tree grows questions will need to be shared by Thursday the 12th.
     We will be in the classroom on Monday the 9th and going outside on Tue. the 10th. I will be looking for volunteers to help with the Morris Co. Farmers Market on Tue. evening from 5:15 to 7:00. Points will be awarded to those who volunteer to help since it is an out of class experience and I will not require students to participate.

How Does a Tree Grow- Quesitons

Bagworm Infestation- As we were outside on Tuesday, a couple of our 5th hour students were attempting to help with the bagworm problem we had on two of our evergreen trees located on the East side of the old gym, (pictures below). Fortunately, we hope this is the first year of infestation as evergreens, especially young ones like we have on campus cannot survive several years of infestation.

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