Senin, 09 September 2013

Sept. 9th, 2013


     Tree Parts Answers to Questions due Tuesday, Sept. 10th
     Photosynthesis Quiz- Points are awarded to those who write the material out 5 times, due Wed. Sept. 11. and also the answers to How a tree grows is due Wed. as well.


     We will be working in class today and beginning a new project. Also today after school, I can use 3-5 students to go help harvest corn stalks for an activity coming up later in October.
     Tomorrow, we will be going outside and working to pick the garden for the Morris Co. Farmers Market. We can use 5 students to help with the Farmers Market. I will allow the first 5 who volunteer to gain some extra credit points to help with their grade by working the time. The Farmers Market will be from 5:00 to 7:00. We will also be starting some of the restoration projects on campus as well.
     On Wed. We will continue working on the projects we began on Monday.

Today- Students were handed a "Welcome to Biology" document. This note is to be read by students in class and then taken home to be shared with parents. Students will detach the bottom portion where the parent has answered questions and bring it back to class by Friday.
     We will be looking at the other Key Points of the Forestry Unit and within our class we will divide into teams. The new teams formed today will begin preparation over the delivery of topics that are Key Points in Forestry. The topics for selection are located below. Student teams are to view these articles today. We will draw numbers and teams will select the topic below they choose to present back to the class on. All presentations will be made in google or on Prezi's so we can load them up on the web after completed. Teams will be responsible for distribution of responsibilities between team members and will accumulate the important information in the article they chose and make decisions on how to present the information back to the rest of the class. Topics that are not covered by teams will be handled by the instructor to all information below will be addressed in the classroom. Student teams may also choose other delivery methods besides the two electronic forms presented above, as in posters or poster boards and hands on activities that classmates can participate in.

Forestry Unit

Key Point 2- 1) Dendrochronology
                     2) Tree Physiology

Key Point 3- 1) Project Learning Tree Activity 8 - Fire Management
                     2) Forest Health

Key Point 4- 1) Products made from Wood
                     2) Benefits of Community Trees and Forest

1st Hour Teams & Topics

Team # 1- Brady, Dylan & Colton- Fire Management
Team #2- Gloria, Casee & Megan- Forest Health
Team #3- Chase, Braden, Holden- Dendrochronology
Team #4- Luke, Tobin, Matt- Products Made of Wood.

4th Hour Team & Topics

Team #1 Tamaya, Mara, Faith- Products made from Wood
Team #2 James, Blake, BrieAnna- Dendrochronology
Team #3 Luz, Kaitlin, Brooke- Forest Health

5th Hour Team & Topics

Team #1- Kobe, Logan, Christian, Collin- Dendrochronology
Team #2- Aaron, Jaxen, Corbin, Josh- Tree Physiology
Team #3- Allison, Kensi, Payton, Tori- Products from Wood
Team #4- Taylee, Kirstin, Keeleigh, Courtney, Zach- Fire Management
Team #5- Makayla, Taylor, Kelsey, Hailey, Jeremy- Benefits of Community Forest  & Trees

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