Senin, 30 September 2013

September 30th, 2013

All Periods

1. Biomolecule homework, find electronic copy below
2. Back to School Night Info (students welcome to come! Open house from 6:30-8:30, come show your families some of our lab stuff!)
3. Mid-term grades next you have everything in?? (1. Values essay 2. Water homework 3. Lab 1: Water and Biomolecules 4. Biomolecule homework). Attend tutorial if you are behind on anything!
4. Lab: Lipids

Learning Targets

I can...

  • build saturated and unsaturated lipids, explain how structure affects phase
  • identify polar and non-polar regions on lipids
  • identify functional groups on lipids

Electronic Copies

Homework Assignment, Due Monday (5-7) / Tuesday (2-4)


Textbook Access Survey

Online Textbook Access Codes
(if you recently completed the google form, your name is at the very bottom of the list!)

Homework Links (lots here! use them as you see fit...if you find anything awesome/better, let me know!)

Stanford Interactive (reactions, ATP, DNA vs. RNA, levels of protein structure)
go up to green arrow, select different options, try clicking images to watch animations/get more info

Enantiomer video (aka chiral molecules)

Isomer examples, 3D animations (kind of weird to navigate, but cool molecules to work with)

Overview of homework functional groups

Practice identifying functional groups (only carboxyl, hydroxyl, and amino shown)

Narrated animations about proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and lipids

Saturated vs. unsaturated fat video (kind of nerdy but sort of awesome!)

Phospholipids and cell membrane interactive (use orange arrow to click forward)

See how chemists can use reactions to alter steroids from one starting compound to a desired product (cortisol) 

Protein folding tutorial

Overview of protein structure video

Sickle cell anemia animation

How RNA is made (simple)

How RNA is turned into a polypeptide chain (a little advanced for now...but still useful)

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