Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

Oct. 14th 2013

Today students will be taking a test over the process of doing a controlled experiment and some re-test items over the forestry presentations. Once students finish the test they were instructed to come here to the blog to gain access to the 6 Kingdom Chart over classification and we will be working to gain understanding of how classification began, how it changed and where we are at presently today.

6 Kingdom Chart- This chart was produced to give specific, key, characteristics and features of each Kingdom and allow students to see each Kingdom is related as well as how each are distinctly different from the others. Students are assigned to look the chart over and develop two types of items of understanding from the table. Students may use paper and pen or pencil or may use a google document to create points that they have questions on or things they gain understanding about by looking at the chart. I am looking for the two things listed below.

     1) Students should be able to look at the table and list ways or specific pieces of information about the table that allows them to see the differences or similarities over the table.

     2) Students may have questions about some of the information over the table and if so, students should list out possible questions that they have or need to understand to help them relate the information on the table to understanding about classification.

Notes over Classification- We will be covering this information over the next several days to gain an understanding of how classification began, how it has changed and where we are at today. There will be several concepts we will attempt to master during this process.

Bug Fossil - Here is a nice article that you may enjoy reading that was passed on to me by our district office. Here we see science attempting to take real evidence of the past and develop a theory about life forms before us.  Thanks Kelly Gentry

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