Rabu, 23 Oktober 2013

Oct. 23, 2013

Today, 1st hour will go outside and bring the produce in from yesterday, pull the sheets off the plants and pull most of the plants in the garden and haul them off to the compost pile. We will take time to review for the test tomorrow in class. There were also study times established yesterday on the blog to help some students understand how to study for the test and how to prepare for Friday's test.

4th Hour will finish the notes from yesterday and begin processing the produce from the final garden harvest. We need to separate the produce into quality portions and determine how to distribute the material to the school cafeteria and the Senior Citizens Center. We will do all of this, after we finish discussion of the remaining note material.

5th Hour will be conducting the final note material and finish any of the garden produce that needs to be separated. We will need to look at the notes to see where we are at for tomorrows test review day.

The document below are some of the comments made over the reflection pieces that students had written which are due today. There were some writings that needed to be re-worked so I did not include those pieces. It is linked below under the title Allagawaho Reflections.

Allagawaho Reflections

I will be publishing pictures of last Wed. event later today on this blog post.

Mr. Glenn Fell, a part time math tutor at ESU and regional director for the Kansas Native Plant Society, led 45 CGHS students through a tour of Allagawaho Heritage Memorial Park to study native grasses and forbs as well as instruct us on the practice of harvesting seeds to use on our campus.

Students stood around the memorial to the Kanza Indians and learned of the history of the tribe and the land they owned, lost and then re-purchased. He explained the importance of the land to our native Indians and how important that the 1% of native prairies we have left are important for us to preserve.

Student standing around the memorial got the opportunity to see the significance of this piece of property. 

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