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Oct. 30, 2013

     I hope you found the videos interesting and informative as you viewed them and began answering the questions. I know that it is difficult to look at the information and obtain all you need to from it, but the design of the videos is to provide you with the opportunity to view them more than once. I am hoping that they will be a tool you may return to which gives you multi-sensory input, into the learning process. As I began looking over the answers some of you delivered on your homework, I found that several of you did not answer the questions completely or maybe it was that you could not find the answer within the material. Keep working at it and remember that the completed answers are not due until Thursday.
     Today in class we will be looking in particular at the valence electron combination of atoms to form molecules. Students were also told on Monday that by today they were to know the first 20 elements on the periodic table. Remember to use your pneumonic device to help you remember them.

Below is a link that will allow you to submit your application to the Officer positions for the Garden Growers Club. I am listing information about the officer positions so you will understand a little about the position and what it entails.

President- Will preside over the meetings and lead discussions about topics to be conducted. This officer will be responsible for establishing meeting times, and dates and setting the agenda for the meeting. This office position will need to sing and approve all budget items along with the sponsor. 

Vice President- This office position will run meetings in the absence of the President and help make decisions for the projects at hand. 

Secretary- Will be responsible for keeping minutes of the meetings and posting them for all members to be able to read and understand what business was conducted in the meeting. 

Treasure- Will be responsible for setting up an account using either a spreadsheet or a financial budget sheet which can be found electronically  and keep track of all financial transactions for the organization.

Publication Officer- Responsible for contacting public information pieces such as the Council Grove Republican, Prairie Post and E-Trailblazer to release information about the organizations activities. May all acquisition other members of the club to assign the task of photography and web page construction to make our activities visible to the public.

Equipment Supervisor- Will be in charge of requisitioning supplies needed to maintain our gardening adventures, or seeking individuals who may offer their tools for our use and returning or maintaining them while in our use.

Fundraising Chairman- Responsible for developing a group of members to help create and project fundraising activities to help fund the activities of the group.

Officer Application Form

We will have study groups on Thursday Morning, Thursday after school, and Friday Morning. Times will be from 3:30- 4:15 pm and 7:30-8:20 am

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