Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

October 1st, 2013

Yesterday, we spent class time going out and preparing the Hays House site for planting. Our 5th hour class will be helping the Horticulture class plant several different species of plants around the Seth Hays house. These plants will need to be watered each day for the next two weeks and the horticulture class will take care of this for us since we need to be inside for the next several days. We do have some produce that needs to be collected from the garden and we will see if we can get out part of the hour on Thursday after the test unless it is raining.

Today- we will be looking over the document below over the notes from the presentations. These pages of notes, provide information over that will be covered on the test on Thursday. We will make sure to address any questions you have today in class as I will be gone to a Student Council conference on Wednesday. During Wed. students will have the opportunity to either study with a partner or you may choose to study material individually.

Presentation Notes-

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