Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

October 21, 2013

 Today students will be taking a quiz over classification. This was discussed several days last week in that I have been telling students they should prepare each day after lecture. We lectured on Tue and Thursday of last week and it is time to see if they have been keeping up with studying their notes. We will have a test on Friday over classification and students should begin now preparing for the test, if they expect to have better results.
     If students have already printed off the notes, they will need to continue to check and make sure they have a current copy as I will add a few things to them over the next couple days.
    We spent the last portion of class in creating a document to write a paragraph of reflection over our class field trip to Allagawago Heritage Memorial Park. Students were to reflect over the process of identification of the grasses and forbs and the seed collection process that Mr. Fell led us on. This assignment is due on Wed. and we will have some time in class today to finish them up.

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