Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013

October 25, 2013

Today in biology, students will be taking the classification test. Many students have prepared well for the test. I feel comfortable that those who took advantage of the study groups will do much better on the exam. I am including as extra credit the time students put in on the study sessions as well as the notes they attempted to take while the lecturing process took place.

After the test, we will be working during all classes to store the produce that was picked earlier in the week and determine what should be distributed and what should preserved. We will also be working with the grass seed we had last week from our tour of the Allagawaho Park and combine like seeds and get them separated into single containers.

Monday we will be starting a new unit over the Chemistry of Life. This will not be completed through this trimester, and will be picked up again during the first portion of the Biology B trimester. We will have  a test over the presented material next Friday on Finals Day.

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