Senin, 28 Oktober 2013

October 29th, 2013

As discussed yesterday in class I am attending a workshop for the District Office. You will need to get your homework from the blog today and work on the set of questions below which is identified as Chemistry Homework. You will look through the notes and the various videos that are linked to the notes to obtain your answers. This assignment is due by Thursday of this week and I will be back tomorrow to discuss your level of understanding about the various material found in the notes.

Chemistry Notes- This has information that we discussed yesterday in class and has various links attached or highlighted in blue that has videos that you can watch off of youtube. You need to make sure that you don't stray from the work, as you will not be able to watch all the videos and answer the questions if you don't stay focused.

Chemistry Assignment- This is the list of questions that I have developed for the viewing of the videos and or using the note materials. You will need to make a copy of the questions document and then you will be able to edit it as you go. Title the new document your first initial and last name- chemistry homework, as we usually do. .

Mr. Gant

1st Hour - Biology- Assignment Above
2nd Hour- Tier II Reading with Lisa Jarvis
Seminar- Keep students working on homework or reading books. At the end of seminar, take first lunch students with you and send the rest off to their 3rd Hour Class so you can be in the lunchroom at the beginning of the lunch period.
3rd Hour - Planning Period- Check with the office to see if they need anything.
4th Hour- Biology- Lesson Above
5th Hour- Biology- Lesson Above.

Tori Blount- Tori produced a powerpoint from our notes yesterday. This will hopefully allow her to review the material and hopefully this will allow you to increase your study as well.

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