Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

Test Info

1. You should be able to pass the 75% assessment when you enter class on Thursday/Friday. Once you pass, you will be given part 2. Remember that answers will only be checked once on part 2 questions. Study!! Practice!! Get the highest possible score you are capable of getting.

2. All the tools you used during in-class practice (periodic table, electronegativity table, translation key, etc.) will be available to you during the test.

Bring a book or homework that you can work on after the test is over. The room will need to stay quiet until every student is done with their test.

4. Need to check if you really understand a question?
Use tutorial today. I have prepared a number of practice problems you can attempt. You can write essay questions ahead of time and check that your answer will work.

Use study groups! 

Use the internet when you are stuck (see links throughout this blog)! 

Do everything you can to build your confidence and ensure your success.

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