Senin, 16 Desember 2013

How to get free refferrals in PTCsolution

easy and free

follow this step : this sites easyhits4u to Join Now on the top right sites to Join this sites.
3.fill the registration form to Join Easyhits4U
4. after that verification email link will be send to your registration email.
5. enter to your email and click verification email

after registration than sign in and go to my sites

fill your referrals link in form Add a New Site, change your sites appearance to 40 seconds

arrange like above

click Start Surfing 1 : 1

Silahkan surfing di situs tersebut sebanyak - banyaknya untuk mendapatkan Credit yang nantinya akan anda tukarkan dengan traffic menuju link referral anda.

after the credit you feel enough then trade your credit with visitor to your referrals link by entering  My Sites menu. look the picture :

after that you just wait to look your new refferals enter. so with many clicks more people will interesting. or if you want more credit for instant just buy it

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