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Referral upgrade and purchase commission - what is it?

This idea is quite uncommon in current ptc sites and it makes PTCSolution.com very attractive in terms of referring new members. To get full advantage of that system you need to upgrade your account. The whole idea is to give you a bonus while your referral buys upgrade or makes ads purchase. Not only from direct referrals but for 4 more levels! So simply we give you opportunity to have more income than other sites offer. That is our appreciation for recommending us to your friends. Just take a look on table below:

Referral upgrade commissionStandard accountAll Premium accounts
Level 1$1$2
Level 2$0.1$1
Level 3$0.1$1
Level 4$0.1$1
Level 5$0.1$1

Purchase commissionStandard accountAll Premium accounts
Level 15% - up to $110% - up to $2
Level 21%2%
Level 31%2%
Level 41%2%
Level 51%2%
Limit per referral$50$100

Transactions included in purchase commission:
• Paid to Click credits purchase,
• Paid Offers credits purchase,
• Feature Ads credits purchase,
• Login Ads credits purchase,
• Traffic Exchange credits purchase,
• Fixed Ads credits purchase,
• AdGrid credits purchase.

Transactions excluded from purchase commission:
• Special Packs purchase,
• Direct referrals purchase,
• Referral renting,
• Internal balance to advertiser's account,
• Regular transfer to advertiser's account,
• Buying shares.

Please bear in mind that both commissions are credited to your account manually and may take up to 45 days to credit your account. We do that as we need to verify every transaction. But in most cases commission might be credited within 2-3 days.
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