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What do you offer for advertisers?

We have prepared several types of advertisements to make sure that advertisers will always find what they are looking for.

Most popular are Paid Clicks. We offer four types of them:

Ad name Ad time Demographic filter Daily clicks limit Credit price Cost per click when
buying 1000 credits Cost per click when
buying 100000 credits
Micro Ad 3 seconds no no 1 credit $0.0024 $0.00143
Mini Ad 15 seconds yes yes 10 credit $0.012 $0.00715
Standard Ad 30 seconds yes yes 15 credit $0.024 $0.0143
Extended Ad 60 seconds yes yes 20 credit $0.048 $0.0286
Fixed Ad 5 seconds yes no 1 day = $10 - -

As you can see there are two examples of credit cost. Conclusion is - more credits you buy then better discount you get.

Paid Clicks in PTCSolution.com also has an unique focus system which makes impossible to not to watch exact advertisement and get paid for that. User has to keep focus in the web browser while watching ad. Also at the end of every ad we use sophisticated captcha system.

Second advertisement option is buying clicks in AdGrid game. It allows you to get thousand of site impressions at very low cost. Fore more details please go to the AdGrid section here.

Third option is featured link. It is a link to your website with a short description visible at the home page. You pay for link impressions so for very little money you will get thousand impressions and probably the same amount of clicks as home page is opened thousand of times a day.

Fourth option are login ads. Every user logging in will see your graphics banner for certain amount of days.

Fifth ad type are banner ads. We display them in several places on our site but the most important place is an ad window. While user is watching advertisement, your banners is displayed on the right top of the page so it is very visible and clickable as well.

If you are looking for something else or more specific - please do not hesitate to contact us. You can order advertisements in here.
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